Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hi, I'm your new PartyLite consultant

Yes, I've finally found one that I like. And that would be PartyLite, which is candles. I'm suppose to be inviting all my friends and family that I know to my "starter party". And I have to get 6 parties booked before I can even get my package from my sponser. I've only gotten 3 booked though. This totally sucks. I can't get anyone else to help me out. :( Maybe this just isn't something I should be doing. I was so excited and thrilled to finally have something to do. And I love all the parties. I know that the 3 girls that booked a party for me aren't really interested in doing one. My starter party is for April the 30th. That is not this weekend, but the next. ....OK, so maybe I'm not your new PartyLite consultant.

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