Saturday, March 12, 2005

An Update...

Well, I was to tired to fill you all in on our night at the rodeo and seeing Kenny Chesney. He put on a really good performance with having a boot cast, covering his lower leg. He had either broke and sprang his ankle or broke his leg. I don't remember what happened. But he had to cancel some of his tour due to the problem. BUT he said he couldn't turn down his Houston fans. That would be me...LOL!!! Anyways, I hadn't done so much walking in my life...I think. Well, since the last time I went to the rodeo in Houston. Which was about 3 years ago, or so. We saw Alabama then. And the time before that was in '99. I saw Faith Hill and I was about a week or two pregnant with Ryan. Well, enough of all that. LOL Kenny put on a really good show to be hurt. I've heard that he puts on an awesome show. I had a margarita/strawberry margarita, mixed while we walked around. We ate some bbq of course. Like Chad says, you can't go to the rodeo and not eat bbq. I agree! We didn't get back home until 1:15am. ACK!!

While I waited for Chad to get to my aunts house to get ready for the rodeo, my mom took Ryan to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. He had so much fun. They had some Meme/grandson time. Next on the agenda is Moody Gardens on Easter Break. I'm so proud that he'll have something to share with the class when they go back to school. (Thank you Mama!!) They got to see a movie at the museum, walk through a butterfly dome with live butterflies and several other things. He got a new dinosaur, t-shirt and 2 small little dinosaurs of bones. He made sure that Saira got a t-shirt and a dinosaur as well. She wanted to wear her shirt Friday when we went grocery shopping. So she put on her shirt...which is orange with a dino on it. And what kind of shorts do you think she went and picked out of her drawer??? This kid is so smart. She brought me a pair of solid orange knit shorts. I told her I was so proud of her that she picked out the orange shorts that matched the orange shirt. She said, "YAAAAAAY, Neeeeewt", in her soft little voice. It's so cute hearing her praise herself. (for those that don't know, Newt is her nickname and is the only name she will call herself. She won't say

What else?!?

YAY for Monday coming. Ryan goes back to school. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth though. But it is so time for him to go back to school. And just think, he has a 6 day break for Easter. WHY?? He has Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. It's not like they just didn't have Spring Break for heavens sack. Oh well... He'll get to go to Moody Gardens with Meme. :)

I guess that's about it. Other than I'm getting the itch to garden. I need some flowers around this house. Next month we've lived here a year. Yep, already a year. AND NO FLOWERS! UGH!!! Time to make it pretty pretty.

Well, it's time for me to go do my good deed of the day, of which I've been doing since last Thursday the 3rd. I'll explain it all later. :)

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