Sunday, March 27, 2005


This Easter was so great. The kids woke up to see their Easter Baskets filled with goodies. That Easter Bunny leaves yummy treats. Then we got ready for Church. When we got home my mom was already hear. The kids totally loved that. They went crazy as soon as we drove up in the drive way, "MEME!!! MEME!!!". The kids love their Meme. Well, I baked a ham, made potato salad, deviled eggs, green beans, rolls and macaroni and cheese. Around 3pm Bettie Anne arrived. We had already done a few egg hunts outside and inside. And joined Chad's family at the church for a quick egg hunt in the freezing winds. WOW, I can't believe how cold it was. At least it wasn't raining. But we had a great day. I couldn't have asked for a better Easter! :)

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