Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Simply amazing!! The year just flies by like a flash of light. I'd love to know how to make it slow down a little bit. Does anyone know how to??? Last night we watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve minus Dick Clark. We had my mother in law, father in law and brother in law over for chips and cheese dip. Chad fell asleep shortly after 11. Me and the kids finished watching the show, woke him up to say Happy New Years and to get our hugs and kisses. It was the sweetest thing hearing my Little Missy say, "Happy 'ew ear"!! Then the kids and I had some very yummy and tasty Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice. YUM-O!!!!! Saira couldn't get enough of it...LOL

Yesterday my New Years Eve neice was born. She's a precious little thing. Saira and Ryan were so in love. Her name is Shyanne Nicole or Shianne. Don't know if it's an I or a Y. She was born at 4:10pm, 8lbs and 19in.

On the 30th my brother treated Chad and I to WWE RAW. It was his first time to go and it was mine and Chad's second time to go. We all had a great time. I got to see Triple H's bare naked bootie. WooWee! They did that since it wasn't being televised.

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