Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lots of subbing...

Tuesday I was called in to sub for the 5th/6th grade Science teacher.  Come to find out, she's going to be having gallbladder surgery.  I subbed all week for her.  So now I'm going to be her permanent sub until she returns.  Which will be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. 

Last school year I thought I was going to be the permanent sub while the Pre-K teacher was out during her maternity leave.  Which was a week before school let out for Christmas.  But someone was already set up when school started. 

Now that I'm the permanent sub, all the teachers have told me they are going to try real hard not to miss because they all like me to be their sub.  ;) 

They can have me back at the end of

Please say a prayer for me, that I can make it.  The longest I've gone is a week straight subbing.  ....ack!! 

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