Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Goodness, it's been way to long

Wow, it's been 2 1/2 months since I've blogged. 

Lets see if I can catch up.  Since my last update, I went to an all day crop in August.  Did school clothes and supply shopping.  The weekend before school started we went on vacation for 3 days in San Antonio.  Ryan went to 4th grade and Saira to 1st grade.  They've already finished the 1st 6 weeks.  And both were on A-B Honor Roll as well as Perfect Attendance.  Ryan is nearly done with the football season, with this team 2 wins and 2 loses.  Playoffs are next weekend and the weekend after is the Superbowl.  I've been subbing again this school year.  And so far, so good. Over the summer I had lost about 15 lbs, I was super excited about that.  :)

This Saturday is Croptoberfest and the group of girls I crop and retreat with will be gathering for the all day event.  I'm so excited to get lots of layouts complete. 

Hopefully I can keep a good routine of updating my blog more often.  ;)


Kelly said...

The Next Blog button led me to your blog...they must know what they are doing! I see about two differences in our lives...one your daughter is 6 and mine is almost 8 (I have a 10 year old son as well) I'm going to be 33 in a few months, oh yeah, and one more, I'm not a coffee person, but I'm in LOVE with Starbucks Chai Tea. I live in a tiny little town in Northern WI...no Starbucks here! I love to scrapbook as well, although it looks like I have some work to do to catch up to your talents. I like the layouts...very nice. Hope you had fun at your all day crop...I had one early October and it was fun.

::Ali:: said...

Thanks for catching us up! I miss blogging, I think I want to try to keep at it again. Plus I really have fun decorating it..LOL
(Though I hate these captchas..lol)