Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies

Lookie what I have!!!

yep, 7 boxes of cookies...  Mmmmm!!

And what's funny, is I have about 10 or more boxes coming from my brother.  HOLY COW, craziness I tell ya.  I won't be Girl Scout cookie hungry for awhile.  LOL  What's cool, is that I get to try out the cookies from the other baker.  The only cookies I've ever eaten are from ABC Smart Cookie.  But the baker of the cookies from my brother is Little Brownie Bakers.  So I'll get to try some of the different varities.  :)  Yep, I'm excited!!!


hilary said...

oh my gosh you got your cookies already? we don't get delivery until feb 28th. =(

Beth said...

i have a small pile of cookies here too. I really need to have them delivered so we don't start eating other people's stash of Samoas. lol!

hilary said...

hey jayme, what happened to you on facebook? i just went to tag you and realized you were missing.

::Ali:: said...

I will probably be getting mine first week of March!!! I CAN'T WAIT..Finally a niece of mine in girl scouts!!!!!!!! We got about 6 boxes on the way and Pops bought a few too.. I believe Little Brownie is the one my niece has because to look at the cookies i had to go to fun with your yummies