Monday, January 19, 2009

Still busy

Thank you for the nudge Ali. 
The first week back to school I worked Mon-Thursday.  That Thursday I finally subbed for the 5th/6th grade.  I said ever since I started that I would not sub for them.  I wanted to stick with the little kids at the campus.  Well then the next monday, the 12th I had to sub for them again.  And then Thursday and Friday I was subbing for Kindergarten.  I've totally decided I'd rather be out there with the 5th/6th graders.  They listen...LOL  And they crack me up.  They all call me Mrs. D.  LOL  One kid called me Mrs. Ups. know because my last name is Downs.... Ups and Downs.  He gave me a big laugh.
When we go back tomorrow I'll be back with that Kindergarten class from Thursday and Friday.  And then Wednesday I should be back out with the 5th/6th grade again.  ...seeeee, busy busy. 
I've tried so hard to take the time to scrap or make a card and it just isn't happening.  I've even got LOTS of yummy kits from the Scrapperie to play with.  And one is on it's way.  Perhaps my mojo will be totally back after I get back from the Retreat at the end of the month.  I can't wait for it!!!

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::Ali:: said...

Your welcome :)
Sounds like the 5/6th grades are fun for sure.. Mrs Ups..HAHA Cracking me up over here!!

Doesn't it feel so different to be a 'workin girl'? LOL
I know it does for me, but if feels good! I love the way I feel after I have worked all day, tired but accomplished ya know..

Hope you get some scrappin done.. I haven't lately but I have gotten a few cute ones done a month or so ago!