Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesterday and the Next Day

Yesterday was my 13 year old brother in laws birthday. Me and the kids weren't home to celebrate with him, but from what it sounds like, there wasn't any celebrating. He was out on his skate board and broke his arm. He was in the ER all day. Poor thing. Nothing like breaking your arm the day you become a teen.

My great aunt, Saira and I went out shopping. We went to Target to get groceries. And when we came back we got my brother who lives with her and Ryan and went over to GameStop to get Ryan a new Nintendo DS. He traded in his Gameboy advance and a few games in to go towards the new system. That was his present from her for his birthday. After that we went store hopping, looking for a game for my brother....I think it was the new WarHammer game. Woo woo, fun!! LOL He's into that and that crazy crack game, World of WarCraft. We finally found it at BestBuy. And then we decided to have some lunch at Chili's.

Today we have to go back to GameStop. Yep, Saira wants to trade her gameboy in for a DS. Oh and last night she lost ANOTHER TOOTH. The kid is practically toothless. But she's tooooo darn cute!!

Tomorrow Chad is coming to see us. He's going to take me out for lunch. It's our 11 year anniversary tomorrow. 11 years ago tomorrow we started our lives together and it's great to see how far we've gotten.... 2 wonderful kids and a house that's still standing. ;)

He's been cleaning up. He took pictures of the mess, so when he gets here tomorrow, I'll post them for you all to see.

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