Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, Ike invaded my area. The word is, He did a number on Daisetta. Practically all the houses have a tree in the middle of them...EXCEPT for a few. Mine being that few. Thank you Jesus!!! We prayed and prayed about it. Of course, we did not stay. We evacuated on Thursday around 12pm and hot tailed it up to Weatherford, TX. Home of my dear blogging friend, Kari. ;) At the moment of booking our motel room, I didn't recall her living here (yes, we are still here). But probably about 5 minutes after booking, I sat there saying to myself "weatherford, I know that town......." and it finally donged on me, that Ms. Kari lives here. What a great opprotunity to meet up with a new friend.

So before we walked out the door at home, I sent her a quick email to let her know of our plans. And every day we've had a WONDERFUL time!! She's the sweetest. She really knows how to make an evacuee feel at home and enjoy their stay. ;) Friday was her birthday. So we met and had lunch...scrapbook shopped and of COURSE stopped at Starbucks,. She's a girl after my own heart I tell ya. Oh and we also stopped at Michaels. We had a most wonderful day!!

Saturday, we met up for lunch again. It was spitting rain on us so we just ate and then ran over to Target for Starbucks once again. This time I had to have her come check out all of my scrapbook albums and layouts. That took most of the afternoon...LOL Darn rain, we could've gone scrapbook shopping again or even shopping at the town square. Maybe ;) We'll have to see.

So here we are on Sunday. We planned on going back home today, but decided to stay one more day. Poor Ryan ended up with a stomach bug last night. It's not fun being in a motel room with a sick kid. :( It just broke my heart.
This afternoon Kari stopped by the motel and picked Saira and I up to register for FEMA online at her house. I think Saira is really enjoying the inneraction with Kari and her family and being in a HOUSE and not a little bitty motel room.

I really am not looking forward to going home. First of all because I will miss Kari, I've truly enjoyed hanging out with her. She's GREAT!!! ;) But the other reason is because my power will not be restored anytime soon. I've heard a few rummors from the local electric company guys that it could be December. PLEASE PLEASE pray that they get to Daisetta very soon and get power to us.

Hull-Daisetta ISD is all distroyed. So it will be interesting to see how school will go for the kids. The post office is messed up. But from several friends who stayed around (who were extremely scared and will never stay for another storm again) say that our house managed to stay untouched. Of course we prayed really hard that the Good Lord above would spare our house, and he did. There is a small branch on Chad's brand new car, but they say it shouldn't have done any damage at all.

That's all I know for now. I will post again when I have power I suppose. Or the next time I'm by a computer. Just wanted to let you all know that we are all fine and so are our belongings.

until next time....

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