Monday, August 04, 2008

Weather in the Gulf

Wow, sorry I haven't blogged much this summer. I guess the lazy days of summer have gotten me or something. It's not like I have all kinds of exciting things going on during the day either...LOL So it's either laziness or ....or.... or..... yeah, it's just laziness...LOL School starts soon enough so maybe I'll find time then. More on that later on....

but first... Lets talk about the weather.

Tropical Storm Edouard will be blowing in for a wet and windy visit tomorrow afternoon. I haven't even baked a cake for him yet. Maybe cookies will work for him. Not sure I have everything for a cake. But yes, he's coming and I don't like it. We're not leaving this time. Well, actually, before tomorrow afternoon we will probably hop over to Chad's mom and dad's. They are in a more stable house. We live in a double wide. Not Tropical Storm/Hurricane friendly. Although, it surived just fine and dandy during Hurricane Rita and it was a powerful storm. There were trees ALLLL over my yard. I'm sure some of my readers recall all of that.

Well, I hope I won't have pictures to share with you later. Meaning, I hope nothing happens. And HOPEFULLY I'll be able to log back on just as soon as it passes to update all of you. If not, don't panic...LOL... ;) My internet could go out....IF something knocks the little antenna thingy on my house (it's not a satelite, it's a little antenna) for my wireless internet.

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