Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy Life

Sorry for not blogging in so long.  Shame on me!!  I guess life here in my house has gotten rather busy.  Last week I was going to the College for 4 nights to get my Substitute Teaching Certificate.  I had so much fun going to that class.  The instructor was a laugh a minute, she was wonderful!!!  I actually wouldn't mind going to her class every day.  ;)  Let's see, what else...  July 30th Ryan started doing TaeKwonDo.  He's already gotten his 2nd stripe, about to get his 3rd and will test for his yellow belt on Sept. 20th.  He loves it!!!!  This week we started football practice for him.  And now school starts on Monday.  The kids are excited and ready to go.  We have all the supplies and clothes as well.  Ryan starts 3rd grade and Saira will be in Kindergarten.  I'm pretty sure Monday will be a bittersweet day for me.  I'm excited that she'll be going to school all day, but at the same time it's rather sad.  :(  She's my baby, and growing up so quickly.  I'm sure I won't cry at school.  I don't like to cry infront of people...LOL  Especially her.  ;)  But I know as soon as I get going down the road I'll cry my little heart out. 

Oh, last weekend, I went to my first Scrapbook Retreat.  O.M.G.!!!!  What a blast that was.  It was awesome to just leave my scrappy stuff on my table and go to bed whenever.  I mean, I do that here at the house anyways, but to go some where and not have to pack it up and go back home was GREAT.  We had our food cooked for us and we even had a certified massage therapist give us massages.  She was wonderful.  It was much needed after all the scrapping we did the first day.

I will post pics of my 10 layouts that I completed.  But I won't be posting pics of the 96 7x7's that I did to complete our '07 vacation album. 

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Stacey Kannenberg said...

Happy back to school time! We have another week to go, where did the summer go?