Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Tooth

Ryan was working on a loose tooth last night.  It was hanging there when he went to bed.  I told him to be careful and not to swallow it in his sleep...LOL  He woke up this morning and worked on it some more and woke me up saying he lost it finally.  Yay Ryan.  He doesn't have many teeth left.

And Saira, she's been working on a loose tooth for about a month now.  I can't get her to work on it.  And it's just about hanging there too.  They could both have the tooth fairy tonight if she'd work on it.  I think she's scared of it coming out.  She's lost one before.  But then she had 4 pulled at the dentist.  So this would make tooth number 6, but number 2 on her own.  ;)

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Jana said...

Man those kids have gone far in loosing teeth, Kyle has only lost two and had two pulled. he has one loose tooth now and it might have to be pulled. that poor baby. Saira having some gone, that is something since Hannah is older and hasnt lost any!!!hehe