Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just want to jump into these photos and pinch Saira's cheeks. She had the biggest chubby cheeks I had ever seen. I couldn't love'em up enough! ;) She saw this LO awhile ago and said, "who's that?". I said, "that's you, when you were 4 months old". She said, "ohhhhh, why were my cheeks like that?" LMAO ROTF!!! I couldn't help but laugh at her. That was cute. I told her that's just how she was, little miss chubby cheeks. Then she touched her cheeks and said, "but they aren't like that now are they?" and I said no, they aren't chubby anymore. She asked me why not and I told her because she grew out of her little baby chubby stage....and turned into miss skinny bones jones....LOL

Anyways, here's the page I made.

We had your ears pierced when you turned 4 months old. On 5-22-2003. I picked out pink, because what other color is there? :)
CS-Bazzill with an edge and reg. Bazzill
alpha stickers-CM


Shannon (Swell) said...

omg you're absolutely right, those cheeks!!! adorable LO!

michele said...

love those cheeks!!
my boy was the same way-chunky monkey-and then he grew up tall an d skinny!!

ALLY said...

Awww.... those are some chubby cheeks indeed!!!! Great page and photos!

teresamatz said...

aawwwww, great cheeks

Jens Place in Space said...

adorable baby!

Colleen said...

Look at those darling cheeks! What a cutie!

Marnie said...

OOOH Cute Cute Cute Cute!!!!

Janet said...

Oh...cute layout and you have to scrap that conversation...How cute is that?!?!?!

Pat said...

Beautiful lo!! She is too cute!

Alexandra said...

This is stinkin' adorable Jayme! I love those cheeks, that's how mine was too and now she is so thin and tall *sigh* I wish they would stay little a while longer! Kayla had her ears pierced at two months! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex