Thursday, June 05, 2008

Darn Flu

Yesterday afternoon, I ended up with the aches and pains and a bad sore through. Then a big bad headache hit me and I still have that headache. I'm still achy too. Last night after Le Club, I called my aunt to tell her how I was feeling and to let her know we wouldn't be going. Darn, and now I'm going to miss that ONE lonesome little Starbucks on that trip....LOL ;)

Last night we had 3 phone calls between 10pm and midnight. I had gone to bed at 9:30. I would've slept better if people weren't calling. I never answered the phone though. And then if Chad wouldn't have kept checking on me...LOL I would've slept better too. Darn interruptions!!

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teresamatz said...

sorry you aren't feeling well, we all have it too.

(almond butter, I get mine at costco, its natural/gotta stir/keep in the frig stuff. Winco has a grind your own, trader joes and other health food store sell it. I like it way better than peanut)