Thursday, April 10, 2008

About the wreck yesterday

((I've copied and paste the story from that link I gave in the previous post. But I just realized that you all might not be able to see it, right? LOL))

I had to take Ryan to the eye doctor to be fitted for his Rec Specs (sports goggles) at 6pm and Chad meet us there. We left from there at 6:40. Chad took the kids with him and went one direction and I went the other direction. I left the parking lot first, I needed to take movies back and get gas. I was headed to my SU! ladies house, she was having a candle party with Kim. But anyways, I didn't get a block down the road and someone darted across from one parking lot entrance to the other across the street, darting right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes, I was only going 20 MPH. If I didn't do that, then I would've hit his passenger side doors. My front right bumper hit his back right bumper. My truck jacked his piss ant car bad...LOL Stupid idiot. But he did a hit and run!!!!!! I sped through the parking lot after him, up at the front of all these stores, and YEP, I chased his sorry the backside of the stores. It dead ended, he had no where else to go. He got out, I went up to him and VERY sturnly asked him Why the hell he didn't stop and why he RAN!?!? Come to find out, he was uninsured and no license. He was in his mothers car. From what I gathered from the cop, the 18 or 19 year old was issued a ticket for no license and his mother was getting about 4 tickets. Her car is an '04 Chevy Malibu, so I'm thinking she most likely would still have a lean on the car therefore needing full coverage insurance. Her insurance card expired on the 4th. Go figure. BUT, I bet you a nickle (lol) they just bought insurance to get tags and inspection and never paid any monthly payments. People do that around here in this stupid county that we live in.

So now I have to sit by the phone waiting to hear from my claims guy from my insurance company. An adjuster is suppose to be here today. I thought that was really quick. Which is nice.

From the way it felt, I was sure there was more damage on my truck. But, HEHE, my truck is big and tough. Here's a picture of my truck. Only my head lights are busted. And btw, he wasn't charged for a hit and run either. ?? Why, I don't know. The officer told us that family is known with the cops. They've had to deal with them alot. And he told us he doesn't think that boy is all the way there in the head, that he has had a hard life because of his parents. So in other words, lets give the kid a rubber cookie and tell him to go do it again.

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