Friday, February 01, 2008

Boy was today fun!!! I FINALLY went scrapbook shopping. I haven't been in probably 2 months. ACK!!!! But anyways, Jana and I stopped by Target and then to Hobby Lobby. I only spent $30 all together...go me. So I don't feel so guilty either. lol Perhaps my shopping day looked good because we stopped by Cyndi's (my stampin up lady) to get our orders. So I had lots of bags...hehe! I think I'll get crafty tonight.

My February is going to be a little boring for card making. Thank goodness for Valentine's Day though or I really wouldn't have anything to do in that area. But I found an old friend who's having an anniversary next week. So there's a card. Perhaps that means I'll be able to get more pages done. What do you think? I asked both the kids if they'd like for me to make their valentine's for them and they both said yes, but then Saira told me no after she saw all the boxed valentine's at walmart. So I'm not sure what the game plan is. LOL I guess we'll see before to long.

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Darlene said...

yay for shopping! I did a little scrap shopping this week, too!

I still need to get on the card making wagon - my goal was to make cards with the scraps from my pages - hasn't happened yet......maybe this month