Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

It's time for the Patriots and the Giants to duke it out. How many of you out there will be watching the game? I'm wanting to watch, I always do, but I have this urge to scrap or make cards...LOL Maybe if it do that now I'll get it out of my system and I'll be ready to watch the game. I'm for the Patriots. I'd hate for them to lose and have their undefeated record go down the drain. I'd like to see Randy Moss make ALOT of touchdowns for them as well.

So, will you be scraping and card making or watching the game? Do you have a superbowl party going on today? Are you going to take pictures so you can scrap it? :) :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Giants won! By the way...Tag! See my blog for details! :)

Darlene said...

I scrapped a little and watched the end of the game...then I stayed up till like midnight watching a movie!

So did you get any cards made? That is my goal for this week - to make cards with all of the scraps on my desk!

~ Jayme ~ said...

Well, no, I didn't get ANYTHING done. My mother in law was over for the Superbowl so I had to entertain. Yay!