Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Now How'd That Happen?

Boy am I a sucker or what? LOL I was at the school awhile ago, letting the kids do their santa workshop shopping. And Saira's teacher asked if I sent a note back saying if I'd help with the party next week. I told her no, not yet. And I asked who was in charge (gesh, that was a mistake...lmao). She did a pouty face and said no one yet. And so I said I'd do it. I swear something is on my forehead saying, 'Ask Jayme, she'll do it!!'. I was planning on doing Saira's class party for Christmas. But when she sent a note home the other day saying that both the AM and the PM class were going to do it together I was like OH HECK NO. I'm not doing a party that big. I honestly don't think it's fair. And I'm not brave enough to step up and say so. I wish someone would though. UGH! So I told her we'd do the project I had planned. Therefore I need to go and take pictures of the kids. We'll make a picture ornament. :) That's what I had the kids do when Ryan was in Pre-K.

So wish me luck! :)


Colleen said...

You've got quite the project on your hands now!! Good luck!

Darlene said...

good luck with that! I'm sure it will turn out fine though!

Anonymous said...

Hehee! I know the feeling!! Good luck with the project!! *clearing throat* You notice I didn't ask if you needed help, did you?! hehee! JK! :)

Janet said...

Oh bummer Jayme....That was way not fair to throw in the second class, especially after you were kind enough to help last minute! I'm sure everything will turn out!

But seriously...if you want help speaking up...let me know!!