Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years Eve plans...

This year we're going back to our same ol' same ol'. We'll be hanging out and partying with our friends at my husbands best friends house. Last year we stayed home because the year before that I ended up getting REALLY REALLY bad sick. Don't even mention GoldSchlager and Buttery Nipples around me. I get sick just thinking about Bailey's Irish Cream now. Blehhhhhh! So the last 2 years All I've heard is "hey, want some GoldSchlager??" They are so mean! ;) We'll be singing, dancing, playing pool, air hockey, volleyball, badminton, eating and drinking. What are your plans??

That day is also my neices birthday. Her and I share something in birthdays. Mine is the 4th of July. But anyways, we'll be doing birthday stuff earlier that day. She's be 3 years old.

I haven't been very scrappy the last couple of weeks. I wanted to get back to scrapbooking this week, but I haven't been able to because of this toothache. I'm hoping it gone now. It feels a little better this morning.

And fyi.... my resolution is to keep losing weight. :) :) lol


Darlene said...

mmmmm...buttery nipples...haven't had one of those in YEARS!!

We usually stay home but this year we are going to a friend's house for a casual get-together. We've sat at home every year until now....

oh and for your're doing a great job so far, I'm sure you can keep it up!

Vicki (SCS basement stamper) said...

Oh wow! Yum yum!! Sounds like you'll be having a fun time!! Good luck with the weight loss!! Congrats on the loss so far! I know it's hard, but it's so worth it!! Have a great New Year friend!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

God I'm old...buttery nipples??? I can't even ask. lol

We're going up to Oklahoma for a couple of days. Then it's home to start taking all the Christmas stuff down (sigh).
Hope your Christmas was great!