Friday, November 23, 2007

Alaska Update

We have been having a WONDERFUL time here in Anchorage. Thanksgiving was great yesterday. We had a really YUMMY feast!!! Last night we....well, actually it really wasn't night time yet. But it sure was dark. I can't get over how it gets dark by 4pm. Anyways, around 5 we went out to downtown to see the city and lights....just gorgious. In a few minutes, my husband and son are headed to the University to watch the Great Alaska basketball tournament. They get to watch 2 sessions which is 4 games. :) And while they do that my dad, Saira and I are going back out around town to do a few things. But stay away from all the Black Friday shoppers.

Oh, the flight up here... What a hoot that was!! I believe most of you all know that I'm a veteran I have many sets of wings stored away BUT, it was Chad, Ryan and Saira first plane ride. OMG, I could NOT stop laughing at them. First of all, it was the holidays, so of course the air strips were congested. So we had to sit on the runways for quite biggie, but my bunch was mighty anxious to get up in the air. Chad sat in the middle, Ryan sat by the window and Saira sat at the isle. I sat in the isle seat across from them. Saira was entertained from the Flight Attendants. And the 3 of them would NOT stop asking me in the heck we were finally going to be in the air. Well, you know when the plane is building up its speed to take off and I motioned at Chad that it was time and you should've seen their faces. It was priceless...LOL I was very proud of them. They all did great. Ryan only had a problem with landing in Seattle Washington. His ears were soooooo stopped up that he just couldn't stand it anymore. The poor baby wouldn't chew his gum like he needed too. But once we got stopped I believe his ears opened back up. We got out to stretch our legs for a few minutes while they gased up, loaded up food and new passengers again, because we didn't change planes. That was nice. :) So we took off again, headed up here. Oh, btw, I got to watch a movie I had not seen. ...No Reservations. That was a super cute movie. The movie shown from Washington to Alaska was Harry Potter 4. I hadn't seen it yet either. So yay, bonus points on the movie selections. :) Well, there seems to have been some ROUGH weather on the way to Alaska. I think that made Chad some what nervious. LOL It was kinda rough up there, but not totally bad. BUT..... BUT!!! When it was time to decend...oh HOLY COW!! That was pretty bad. Even I hadn't experianced turbulance that rough. I was sitting next to two other people that said the same thing and they have flown in and out of Anchorage ALOT. Poor Chad, Ryan and Saira. Saira did fine though, it was nothing to her. But Ryan nearly got sick. They had to get him a bag for just incase. Chad told me he felt a little funky, but he was ok. So that was my bunches first experiance in flying. I told Chad that had to be the worse he'll ever experiance. And I'm sure the flight back home on Sunday will be better. :)

Well, I hope you all had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

I'll update more another time. :)

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