Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh My!!

I think it's finally dawned on me that Saira is ACTUALLY in school now.


She just came up to me...

Saira... you know who my boyfriend is now??
Me... Who is it??
Saira... Xavier ....hehe....
Me... Ohhhh, ok. Does he know he's your boyfriend?!?
Saira... Nooooooooo ...hehe... But Hannah told him today.
Me... Ohhh ok.
Saira... She told him while me and Hannah was in the 'Car Center' and Xavier was in the 'Home Center'. (and then she rattled on some

But when she was talking about the centers that they play in, it reminded me of Ryan in Pre-K and Kindergarden. And yes, she talks real countryfied if you can't tell from that last statment from her....LOL

And btw, I am totally not ready for this girly boyfriend junk...UGH!!! GESH, she's only 4!!! LOL

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Kari said...

Brace yourself. It only gets worse from here. lol