Friday, January 06, 2006

2005 Year In Review

2005 Year in Review Borrowed from 3 Guy's a Girl and a Blog, JavaMama and JC
Please play along and post one in your blog too! Let me know if you do so I can read yours too!!
BEST MEMORY: Starting up with PartyLite

WORST MEMORY: Finally going through a hurricane...hurricane Rita. Celebrating Chad and Ryan's birthdays during the evacuation as well. :( It was heartbreaking to me.

FAVE SONG OF 2005: Kanye West - Gold Digger, Blackeyed Peas - My Humps, Madonna - Hung Up ...just to name a few. :)

FAVE MOVIE/DVD of 2005: Hitch or Saw 2

FAVE NEW TV SHOW of 2005: My Fair Brady

FAVE MUSIC CD of 2005: Don't do CD, I don't buy them... I just listen to the songs. If that makes

FAVE BOOK I READ in 2005: I don't read...LOL So sorry!

FAVE NEW FOOD in 2005: I FINALLY tried the McRib...LOL

MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS in 2005: Getting my candle business to finally grow. I'm still shocked over it. :)

MY HOPES/WISHES for the NEW YEAR, 2006: That my family and friends stay happy and healthy all year long! (ditto Ali & Java). That my candle business continues to grow. That my message board, Moms-Online will grow in activity.

FAVE NEW WEBSITE of 2005: MySpace I'm so addicted to it

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