Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yay! A Scrap Room

I'm slowly getting my den turned into a scrap room. All I need is an amoire and I should be good to go. I'd really like to have a new computer desk. Something smaller, less bulkier. But, I think I'll be ok with what I have. I'm trying to aim for a non-crafty looking room. Since this is the den and it's in plan sight through the house. The fireplace is in here too. BTW, which is really in the way...LOL

So here's what I did today. I tossed out the old dvd, vcr and stereo from the entertainment center. Then I cleaned it all up and then put all my supplies and albums on the shelves of my new scrap 'center'. LOL I cleaned up my desk, got rid of all the clutter. I have clutter spots all over...LOL So I'm clutter free.

That's not all my stuff Everything is still in my MM Rolling Tote.


Mary said...

WOW lookin' good!!!! It's so neat and "crafty"! :D

Kari said...

I thought I was sooooo smart...turning my spare bedroom into my scrapbooking room. And then people started coming to visit left and right and I think my boys were getting tired of giving up their beds all the time. So we bought another bed for the spare room and now, with another round of company, I'm having a heck of a time getting in there to get any scrapping done. Oh...who am I kidding? It's not just the company. It's BLOGGING, too! I've become obsessed. MUST.GET.OFF.THE.COMPUTER.AND.START.SCRAPPING.SOMETHING.SOON. lol