Thursday, January 25, 2007

Awww, her 1st!

On Tuesday, a friend of mine came over to scrapbook with me. Saira likes to watch me when I scrap. Well, she kept asking for a piece of paper. And my friend started giving her all kinds of paper. Little 8x8's, little scraps and a couple of sheets of 12x12. I gave her a glue stick that I've never used. Can't stand glue sticks. And I gave her 2 wallet size pictures of Ryan, that I had already scrapbooked. And so later in the evening she showed me this. I helped her 'journal'. I held her hand to help her write out the date and Ryan's name. I bet she'll grow into the next Ali Edwards. So here's a picture of her layout. She did gooooooood, didn't she?!?! ;)

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