Monday, March 06, 2006

A good weekend

Chad did alot with the kids this weekend. He promised to take Ryan up to the baseball field both days and to take the kids fishing. So Saturday we got up and come evening we finally all went up to the baseball field and did some practicing. Ryan can already hit the balls being pitched to him. To hell with t-ball and pitching machine, my boy is just gonna move right on up to regular pitching and then to Pro. hehe! ;) We didn't make it to the fishing hole. But we did lots of fun family stuff at home.

Sunday I got up, got dressed and went to Super Wal-Mart with my coffee drinking buddy. We spent the afternoon at that place. Chad took the kids up to the baseball field and Chad said he did awesome ago. He's working on him at 1st base. His coach can't decide if he wants Ryan at the pitchers mound or 1st base. The pitcher doesn't pitch in t-ball though. They just run people out basicly. (for those that don't know much about t-ball). Then they finally went fishing. Saira hasn't been fishing since last spring. So Chad had to show her. They were fishing with artifical bait. The kids fish with minnows though. Chad said Saira was casting her pole perfectly. I'm so proud of her!! So the kids had a great time. Next weekend we're all going to go. And this time we'll have minnows. :)

Two more days til my kids go on their 'vacation'. LOL They are so excited about it. All they have talked about is staying the night with MeMe and Bettie Anne.

Oh and thank you JC for the comment on my new pic. :)

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today: Dierks Bentley - Come A Little Closer
yesterday: Everlast - What It's Like

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