Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen....

Thirteen Things about my day

1. Woke up at 4am. UGH! Totally sucks! Couldn't go back to sleep cause of Saira.

2. Spent a small amount of time with my sweet hubby before he headed off to work. (That NEVER happens, cause I'm SNOOZE'n...hehe)

3. Got Ryan off to school, but today, his grandpa came and picked him up and took him, by Ryan's request. So I didn't have to take him to the bus! :)

4. Had a nice long shower. Helped me to wake up, but not for

5. Luckily in my mailbox was our last W-2 we were waiting on because we had an appointment with our CPA to get our taxes prepared. We be rich :) It actually helped us that I had my candle business. :) YAY! Gonna get me a new camera, printer and clothes with my part. AFTER we pay our property taxes, house insurance and I think that's it. :) I'm excited! We got back lots! CPA's ROCK!! To hell with H&R Block

6. I had lunch with my sweet huband and daughter. But now I'm miserable, I'm stuffed!! Don't think I want any

7. Picked Ryan up from school.

8. Took a much needed nap!!

9. We took the kids to McDonald's. I tried to eat dinner, I was just way to full, still!

10. As a family we went to Wal-Mart

11. Did the grocery shopping

12. Rented a movie for the weekend.

13. And went to bed EARLY!

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