Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sad week

On Monday Saira, Nina and I went to Best Buy to buy my printer/scanner/copier after we dropped her truck off at the shop. While we were in the store my aunt calls to tell my that another aunt of mine had passed away. Last week she was diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus(sp). And was told she had about 3 weeks. She opted for no help or medicine. Since she was 78 (I think). She was in her late 70's. We think she was just ready to go. Her husband, my grandma and great aunts brother, passed away from cancer back in '92. I heard the year he passed away the other day and couldn't believe it had been that long. :( His birthday is St. Patty's day. :) I'll always remember his birthday. But anyways, I haven't stayed in contact with that part of my family in years. We all just kinda grew apart. But I remember as a kid always going to Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bubba's house. They had a juke box in their house and I'd always pick "Just a Swing'n" from John Anderson over and over again. lol But now that him, her and my grandparents are gone, all that's left is my great aunt, Bettie Anne. When ever I would talk about my aunt in the past, she's the one I would be refering too. Bettie Anne does alot for the family. She's the one who bought Saira her Disney Princess TV for Christmas. :)

But anyways, I've been real down this week. Thinking about family and all that. Also, it's been 3 years that my grandpa's been gone. He passed away day before Saira was 1 month old. So it was a very emotional time for me then.

So on Wednesday was the funeral. I went to Pasadena for the funeral and then Bettie Anne and I went up to central Texas to a town called Mexia for the gravesite service. It was a 3 hour trip up there. We left Pasadena at 12pm and got there at 3pm. Service didn't start until 4pm. LOL So we sat and talked. :) Then it was a short and sweet little service done by one of Aunt Hazel's sons. Then we stopped at the local Radio Shack so I could get a car charger...LOL My cell phone was almost dead. So I didn't get home until 10:15pm

Listening to:
today: Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Going
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