Sunday, February 12, 2006

Haaa, got it anyways!

Gonna reverse my day here on ya....LOL

I got Starbucks tonight, he can kiss my big fat butt! Nanny nanny boo boo!! LMAO

But anyways, the kids and I went to Houston to visit my mom. The kids needed some time with their Meme. On the way there I stopped at the video store and rented 'Phantom of the Opera'. She hadn't seen it on dvd yet. It was awesome watching it again, especially at her house...for 2 reasons. 1st is because her and I LOOOOVE that movie. I wish we could see it live sometime!! 2nd is because she has surround sound. AWESOME AWESOME!!!!! The kids watched Bambi 2 and Madagascar. She had pizza, tuna subs, fries and onion rings delievered for us. :) Then they had ice cream. :) After all that we went to my aunts house to visit with her for a few minutes and that's when we went to Starbucks. The kids were soooo excited. And after all this time I finally remembered to tell them no cream on Saira's. She was glad of that. She's so weird, doesn't like cream on hers. Strang child in deed.

I got home at 8pm, got on the confrence call for PartyLite training, did that for 20 minutes and then watched the Snowboarding and Speed skating on the Olympics with Chad. :)

Now I'm ready for bed. :) Nighty night folks!

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