Monday, February 06, 2006

Bookfair time

Wooooo Wooooo, it's book fair time at Ryan's school. Last year I had soooo much fun helping with it. So this year I decided I must do it again. Last year I just helped the kids, but this year I'm doing the cash register.

For lunch I went over to my friends house and bummed some food from her, cause I didn't feel like going home. So Saira and I ate and then went back to the school. When I got back Ryan had already been to the bookfair and picked out 4 books. 1 was $10. I was wanting to get 2 for him and 2 for her. So that wasn't going to work, with what he picked So I made it up to him in buying a suprise poster for him. It was a Texas Longhorns poster. He was tickled to death. I told him that MAYBE he can get another at the end of the week.

Last night I wrote up a letter for the teacher to hand out to the parents. I'm incharge of the Valentine's Day party. Right after school was out, I already had a parent to call and let me know what she wanted to bring. She had first dibs. :) Suprised my neighbor hasn't called. Her son is in Ryan's class. Ya'll remember her, the one who potty trained But anyways I hope I get a good response from all the parents. There is only 10 of us. At the begining of school, there was 15 kids. 5 have left...thank goodness, there were WAY to many boys in that classroom. Still is, but it's not as bad. There were 4 girls and 11 boys. Crazy huh? Now there are 7 boys and 3 girls.

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