Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mommy need a rock?

The sweetest, most cutest thing happened earlier this afternoon. Saira and Ryan were outside playing while Chad and his friend were cleaning up the chrome and tires after washing the truck earlier. So Saira comes back in and pulls something out of her pocket and says, "some'pin for you mommmy!" was a rock. But she digs in her pocket again and says, "some'pin for you!....some'pin for you!....some'pin for you.... OVER and OVER again... she's pulled out about 5 rocks by now. I'm like, "awww, that's soooo sweet Saira!!" and she says, "hummm! MOMMY, DON'T LOOOOOOOOOK!". So I turned my head and she pulls out more rocks... And yes, her pants were about to fall off... FUNNY FUNNY! But anyways, she continues on... "some'pin for you...some'pin for you...some'pin for ME!...some'pin for ME! So I have a lovely little pile of rocks on my desk. HEHE about 40 rocks... some are real litte and some are bigger.'s a pic....

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