Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What does Jayme need?

Thought I'd finally do this. Stolen from Blue, JavaMama and PurpleMama.

1. Jayme needs to start working. (whatever! lmao)
2. Jayme needs it. (You bet I do!)
3. Jayme needs to stay in America. (I wasn't gonna leave...lol)
4. Jayme needs human contact. (boy howdy I do!)
5. Jayme needs online adverting.
6. Jayme needs supervision. (rotf!!)
7. Jayme needs blood relatives. (I have those already??)
8. Jayme needs to file with the Feds. (Oh really?!?!?)
9. Jayme needs tenants. (I have enough...LOL)
10 Jayme needs to quit her job. (don't think the kiddos will like that, but OK...LOL)

Do a google search and type in, "(your name) Needs" to find out what your needs are...lol

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