Sunday, September 11, 2005

My night out

Saturday night I went out with my husbands best friends wife. We brought her brother in law and his best friend with us. We had a blast. Chad, his best friend, his cousin, a friend and another close friend went to his other cousins house to watch the Texas vs Ohio State game that came on last night. They also played a college tournament on PS2 before the real game. But anyways, we went to a mens club. The guys had VIP cards and they got in free, but me and Jennifer got in free cause it was girls night. woohoo! LOL It was rather boring and drinks were to expensive so we didn't stay all that long. Then we headed over to a dance hall. After the guys were finished watching the game they came and joined us. I was already toasted by the time Chad got there...LOL But we had such a blast. It's nice to get out without kids sometimes. :) :)

Wonder whats in the works for next weekend? I know we'll be doing something cause our 8 year Anniversary is on Tues. the 20th.

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