Monday, November 14, 2005

My Luck

It started off a few weeks ago. JavaMama's post in her blog reminded me about it.

I was grocery shopping and backing out of my parking spot. I was putting it in drive when a woman across from me starting backing up as well and hit my bumper. I throw it in park and look over and this crazy woman has already gotten out of her truck. She's in a little rinky dink Nisson Frontier. And me in my big ol' Dodge Ram 1500...with 20" I'm like much bigger than this woman. Luckly I didn't get any damage. But my bumper hit her tail light and broke the cover, that's it. All the lights still worked. She made me stay there while she went back in the store to get a disposable camera. So she took pics. I took pics with my cellphone....
So she demanded that we make our claims...blah blah blah. Chad laughed and thought the woman was plan stupid. We couldn't call the cops about it because it was on private property (the grocery store parking lot)

Ok, so next, which I guess is this morning. Saira and I are walking out of Wal-Mart and an old man hits us. Literaly, he bumped into my elbow. I had to jerk Saira out of the way or his tire would've run over her feet. She was holding my right hand and the man was coming from my right. So Saira was on the bad side. My elbow literaly stopped the man. My elbow is all skinned up. Saira and I are totally ok though.

Next, this evening I see a little copperhead snake by a tree in our yard right up beside the house. I had my dad stomp the hell out of it. Yay Dad, hero of the day, he killed the snake. Man, that gave me the hebee-jeebee's!! What's crazy is that thing was about an inch away from my flip-flop wearing foot. ACK! ewww! EEEK!

I guess that's it for now. I'll let ya know of anymore interesting mishaps. :)

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