Saturday, June 18, 2005

Trip to the dentist

Poor Ryan had to go to the dentist on Thursday, June 16th. A cap had come off a molar and his tooth began to hurt him really bad. So I call up the dentist and got an appointment. They gave me a freaking 8am appointment. WHAT THE HECK, hello, that's way to early. We managed to get there at 8, thank goodness. We were first in line. YAY! So we went to the little room, he gets strapped down to the board and they get a look at the tooth and said it had to be pulled because the tooth was so far gone. Alrighty, that works, no drilling to totally freak him out. She was so cool, she went ahead and pulled his front top tooth that needed to come out. So he left with 2 less teeth. But she went ahead and capped the other molar that needed to be recapped. Go dentist lady. And it was all for a discount. She rocks! And Ryan was so brave. I liked her alot. She was so comforting towards him. I hope he gets to see her again the next time we go. :)

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