Monday, April 11, 2005

Parties Parties Everywhere

I think I might be addicted to Let's see, About a month ago I went to a Lady DeSiree Lingere party and booked a party. Then the same weekend I went to a Premier Designs jewelry party and booked a party. So Saturday the 9th I had my jewelry party. BUT, I wanted to get into selling the jewelry and become a consultant. Chad and I talked to the consultant that did the party I went to and we decided that wouldn't work. You have to pay $375 setup fee. Then another $700 for the products to get you going. BUT, you can opt for other ways. Anyways, we said nope. The other day my friend from Alaska says she's become a PartyLite consultant. I'm like, what's a PartyLite? She says, "It's CANDLE'S". I'm like, "OoOooo!! Candles!!" Then I tell her, "well, I was looking into the jewelry thing, but we said no." She says, "PartyLite is FREEEE, you put no money into it." Right then I knew Chad would be ok with it. YAY! And he was. So the other day I got on the net and requested a consultant to contact me. And this afternoon I had a call from the consultant. I was tickled PINK! So now I'm working on my list for my Starter Show. Woohooo!! BTW, my lingere party is this Friday.

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