Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Horsey Horsey!

Saira got to see horses up close for the first time today. This child is scared of dogs, cats or any other kind of animal that is near her. Well today we stopped at Chad's best friends house and at his house he has a horse stable. He has 6 horses, 4 of which are his own. Anyways, Chad got out to say HI to him and then he tells me and Saira to get out of the car to come check out the horses. My thoughts were, "Oh yeah, sure Chad, like this is going to go over real well, HA!". I held her up so she could see over the rails. She made me keep our distance. But as Chad and Brandon always do, they talk forever and ever, and as they kept talking the more comfortable she would get. and it also helped to see Daddy petting the horses. So she finally gathered up enough nerve to FINALLY touch one. We were all so proud of her. A few minutes had past and of course Chad and Brandon are still chit chatting away and I let her down and she got up close to watch one of the horses eat from his bucket. I was all up in their conversations and noticed she was trying to hold her hand out to pet him again. We were all acting like we didn't notice her because she would stop but she finally petted him again. Once again we were all proud of her. This child is in love with horses. Uncle Brandon's going to have to look into getting her a pony now...AWWW!! She's been talking about the horsey's all day now.

Goodnight everyone

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